"The best ideas come overnight"
Overnight Projects
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I build native web- and mobile apps. Why? Because you need a solution. And because I love to provide one.

Designed by following the devices' guidelines and design rules and fully focussed on UX.


Smartphones only become smart with smart applications. I develop those.


I build websites which are useable on any device. Easy and multi platform. Useful for those who don't need the complexity of an app to stand out.


I also have built a computer case and charging cradle. You might be interested as well.

Refurbished hardware

In need of a fully functional, completely revised PC, notebook or smartphone? Look no further and feel free to contact me below.

All hardware have at least 3 months of warranty, mostly more.


Good looking, well functioning and fully revised notebooks, macbooks...


... and PC's. With Windows, MacOS or Linux. Any malfunctioning components have been replaced. User data is securely removed.


Smartphones are fully tested and provided with the newest updates or a custom ROM.