"The best ideas come overnight"
Overnight Projects
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I build native web- and mobile apps. Why? Because you need a solution. And because I love to provide one.

Designed by following the devices' guidelines and design rules and fully focussed on UX.


Smartphones only become smart with smart applications. I develop those.


I build websites which are useable on any device. Easy and multi platform. Useful for those who don't need the complexity of an app to stand out.


I also have built a computer case and charging cradle. You might be interested as well.


Feel free to check out the solutions I've been working on so far.

Perhaps the hardware interests you too.

Redeem your Rewards

Get hard PayPal cash for your hard earned Opinion Rewards.

Overnight Invoices

An online tool to easily make, save and search invoices.

The Privacy Platform

A new, open-source, privacy first, Social Media platform.


Spin the Earth and tap for weather information.

Kids in Space

Motivate kids to choose for STEM related educations.


Take digital photos in an analog way.

Text Organizer

Sort, order and analyze words.

Welke Inkt

Search and find your printer ink.


Set GPS based alarms and messages on the fly.

Wanna Be Useful?

Stop being useless and start being useful!

Pebble 2 Cradle

A charging cradle for the latest Pebble smartwatch.

Custom case NUC

A small computer with a custom case.

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Koen Schauwaert

Founder and CEO

I love my girlfriend Tessa, watching movies, eating sushi and other delicious food and discovering new beers with my friends.

Coding, designing, reviewing on Tweakers.net and technology - like the Pebble 2 - gives me energy.


How and why Overnight Projects was founded.

  • June, 1991

    An IT enthusiast was born.

    Ever since our first computer with MS-DOS at home, I've been interested in technology.
    Recovering or reinstalling Windows 95 and 98 each time I encountered the well known Blue Screen of Death, my uncle Rudy and I tried to fix it. Actually he did. I watched and learned. This increased my interest in hardware and software.

    Since the moment I've got a notebook for my own I've always been optimizing, upgrading and tweaking all the hardware around me. "Making life easier" with well working Wi-Fi, wireless printing or automated scheduled back-ups is what's most important to me.

  • November 2010

    Started working at Final Soft- and Hardware.

    With only my interest and little self-sustained experience, I started working in the weekends at Final Soft- and Hardware: a computer shop where I advice our customers the newest technology, repair their computers and solve their problems. I do this both at the shop and at home with the customer.

  • September 2014

    Working full-time.

    After a few college flaws and not knowing what I really wanted, I decided to make up my mind and started working full-time at Final Soft- en Hardware. I also went to night school twice a week.

  • September 2015

    Back to college, again.

    A year was enough to decide I want to do more with IT in general. That's why I signed up to Electronics-ICT at AP College in Antwerp.

    Here I started with the basics of software developing and I've learned how our hardware works, how it's built and how to program those tiny chips.
    My interest gained while I learned more and more languages. C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Java, Linux, Python, ... the list goes on and on.

  • April 2017

    It's about time.

    For a long time I've wanted to develop and release my own app. I've always been interested in starting my own company and now was the perfect time to combine these two ideas.

    On April 1st 2017, Overnight Projects was born.

  • Juni 2018

    School. Done.

    Graduated and currently working at an awesome startup.